Acupressure Sujok Finger Rings (Set of 10)
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Acupressure Sujok Finger Rings (Set of 10)

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Unlike other fidget sensorial toys that are very noisy and end up stressing you more than relaxing you, our compact rings are discreet and quiet as a feather when you play with them! A high-quality fidget toy doesn't only help you relax; it can also greatly increase your productivity since it is there for you to use every time you feel your mind slipping away; by clearing it and focusing on your toy for a few minutes, you can then re-direct it to the task at hand!

Easy to use: Just roll the ring up and down, the ring will create plenty of pressure and sensation.

Features: This is what makes our fidget rings ideal for teenagers that suffer from depression, anxiety, OCD, ADHD, ADD, autism and various other stress-related conditions. It is also a perfect choice for smokers and nail-biters since it can distract them and prevent them from going back to their... favorite habit! Can decorate bracelets, necklaces,keys,bags and so on.

  • These portable pocket-sized fidget toys are so lightweight and compact that they can travel everywhere with you order our stretchy.
  • A focus tool for the whole family: Special supplies proudly offers a set of ten stretchy finger rings to help you increase your focus.